Strange(r) Talk

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Verse I:
Send me that message
Tell me it's not a lie
I'm believing you
When you say I'm an interesting guy
I envy your infinite feeling
While you lay in the street
I'm stuck in this hotel room
Someday, in person, we'll meet

You're welcome stranger
Let's not be strangers
Look at it from my side
My hands are tide
It's like I'm tearing the flag
But you don't think I'm mad
Just pull the chair out from under me
Watch me fall and you'll see--me.

Verse II:
A calm river rushing past
I'm looking out the screen door
I'm waiting for that call back
AS I pace across the floor
You've revealed so many things
To my eyes and ears
Your quotes, my mind can't comprehend
You got rid of all my fears


And all I hope you're thinking of is me
I'm just so crazy with a capital C
When I get back, you'll be where I'll be
Standing there, holding my heart's key


Verse III:
Rolling through the rolling hills
Jogging through the jagged skies
I'm running from here to you
Even if I could fly
The wheel's in motion
March with the brigade
I'll be your heart's cast
It will be saved

My friend.
I wrote it by myself.

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