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added lyrics:

this is the tune of my new game
playin this way and that its always the same
gotta get on top to do whats right
keep up the fight until late at night
aint seen the way you move before
most'd say whore but i'd say more
just wanna see the way you groove to the beat
let me see the way you feel you gotta move your feet
right here right now don't fear how
plug in plug out dance and shout

wish i had something better to say
but today's about dancing cause its never the same
every single time i do a little variation
same old stretch with a little complication
thats how i move to the tune of life
keeping it real one step at a time
most have gotta problem with the way i live
but babe fuck them this is all i've got to give


here and now is the melody

you and me is the harmony

together in a song we'll be floating

floating 'cross the air on a halcyon breeze

if there was an end to my pool of thoughts

ending exclamation and a question mark

i'll try to get up when i fall down hard

but with a little bit of music i could be the star

when we find our rythm, it'll fall into place

our souls together, floating to grace


the good life
the song is written by Roy Hargrove and The RH Factor. the original song is common free style. i only added lyrics over the freestylin' starting at the 4:19 mark. check it!

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