String You Up

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String You Up - Kira Clark

You knew how it would end,
And into my thoughts,
It could ot blend.
The thoughts of what I did to you.

You broke my heart,
I broke your neck.
You made my unwanted tears start to fall.
I broke you into pieces so little, so small.

You tried to make me stop,
You apologized and apologized but I didn't listen.
I grabbed my razor to chop,chop,chop.
instead of hurting you,I made you watch me bleed,
(So slowly indeed)

After showing you what I've been doing,
Month after month.
Im going to make you feel the pain,
Im going to cut you, again and again.

I'll string you up,
I'll bleed you dry.
I'll laugh so hard,
I'll probably cry.

I'll slash your wrists,
I'll wring your neck.
I'll beat your ass,
So you'll never forget.

You knew you'd end up dead,
Thats why you wanted her instead.
Why didn't I listen when I could?

I don't care if you hate me, (Now)
I'll rip your eyes out so you can't see me,(Now)
I'll paint my walls red with your blood, (Tonight)
Just don't scream or try to, (FIGHT!)

Would it be wrong,(Would it be,)
If my heart could go on? (WRONG!)
Maybe I should rip it out,
Without tryna scream and shout?(SHOUT!)

I'll string you up,
I'll bleed you dry.
I'll stick some needles,
In your eyes.

I'll break your legs,
I'll twist your arms.
I'll hurt you so much,
Not even karma will come.

You deserve what you get,
And your heart I've kept.
I can't let you go,
I just had to let you know.

I still love you,
I've just hurt you,

Someoen I really want to hurt..
Kira Clark

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