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Paint a picture - By Kira Clark

I'm sitting by the candle light,
I've been thinking of you all damned night.
I can imagine you smiling,
At least I know your not crying.

I feel like someone else.
And as the rain pelts, my face.
I think of life without you,
I just wouldn't know what to do.

Get your paint brush,
Coz it's you I trust.

To paint a picture,
In my heart.
To Paint a Picture,
Of the start.
To paint a picture,
Of us two.
To paint a picture,
Of me and you.

Every time I see you,
I think of something to do.
Every time our eyes meet,
A feeling spreads I can't defeat.

I'm sitting in the moonlight.
Out in this dark night.
Your love is like a blanket.
And my heart, you kept it.

Go and get your paint,
And my heart, you'll taint.

You paint a picture,
Of my life.
You paint a picture,
Of a knife.
You paint a picture,
If the night.
You paint a picture,
Of whats right.

I'm sitting in the sunlight.
Thinking about our fight.
I feel like apologizing.
This is too confusing.

I'm sitting on my bed.
Imagining you dead.
I should of never loved you.
But I had no clue.

Go and get your pens,
Coz in my heart revenge never ends.

You paint a picture,
Of my heart.
You paint a picture,
Of it torn apart.
You paint a picture,
Of my life,
You paint a picture,
Of my heart in strife.

You paint a picture. X4

Well, nothing. I was lyig in my bed at 12am and then got up and wrote a song.
Kira Clark

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  1. 11/14/2009 @ 06:01pm - (

    Can it beeee of a preetty bird?

  2. XxXKizzaXxX

    11/14/2009 @ 08:48pm

    maybee, lol xxxx
    p.s why dont u answer any of my texta anymore??lol xx

  3. samual96

    11/17/2009 @ 09:47pm


  4. XxXKizzaXxX

    11/17/2009 @ 10:23pm

    Lol. Demanding muchly! Lol/

  5. 11/18/2009 @ 07:12am - (

    This song was really nice, I really like it. It shows the good and bad sides of love, which most songs tend to stay away from. ^^