Meet Me In The Morgue.

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Meet Me In The Morgue - By Kira Clark.

I am in pain,
I hope you die in vain.
I'll end you life,
With a swipe of my knife.

Leave me alone,
Don't follow me home.

I'll slit your throat.
Wear your skin as a coat.
Abuse you and use you.
Just like you used to.
And I silently whisper:
Meet me in the morgue.

Look what you've driven me to.
The angst I feel towards you.
Your lucky your still alive,
This blade I will drive, into your heart.

Get out of my head.
Or I'll hurt you instead.

I'll pull out my gun,
And have a little fun.
I'll shoot you and hurt you.
Like you used to do.
And I silently whisper:
Meet me in the morgue.

You've driven me insane,
I'm stuck with a ball and chain.
I'm trying to restrain,
As blood runs through my veins.

Just talking to a friend on Facebook and talking about killing people, we are NOT murderers LOL> Anywayz, and I said well, meet you in the morgue, and I liked how it sounded... So yea.
Kira Clark

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  1. samual96

    11/17/2009 @ 09:48pm

    me first lol yeah

  2. Bianca E

    11/19/2009 @ 01:22am

    lol scaryy my heart hurts now kizz
    lol OMMG that rhyms