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Nothing - By Kira Clark

I can see.
Through your lies.
Your tryna hide them.
In your eyes.

I can see.
You don't care.
And you barely.
Notice I'm there.

You look at me,
You look at me.
I wonder what you see.
I hope it isn't unhappy.

I used to be everything.
Now I am nothing.
I used to be his everything,
His whole world,
The one he hugged and twirled.
Now I am nothing.
I am just an obstacle in his path

We used to be an item.
We used to excite them.
Just by holding hands.

You tried to hug me,
But I was too shy.
I'd push you away.
And make you cry inside.

I used mean everything,
I used to see everything.
Now I am nothing.
Nothing to him,
I used to be his world,
I used to make his toes curl.
I used to be the one he cared for.
But now I am nothing more, than an obstacle.

I... I don't know how to feel.
I... I don't know what to say.
One thing I know is I miss you every day.

You walked out of my life.
It feels like you ripped out my heart.
And threw it in cryptonite.
My heart is gone,
Love is fucked.
To your aura I was drawn.
Only to be screwed up.
Screwed over.
With promises of I'll always love you.
But look at us now.
We hate each other.
Like we have always been mortal-enemies.

I usedto be his everything.
Now I know, I gotta let go.
I am not his everything.
I am his Nothing, nothing.
I hope he hears me sing.
I am his nothing.
I am nothing to him.
But an obstacle.
But a burden to carry.

Don't you worry...
Kira Clark

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  1. hamish coy

    10/25/2009 @ 02:10am