Because Of Love.

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Because Of Love - By Kira Clark.

I always believed in,
Love at first sight.
Because I knew it existed,
When I met you that night.
(that night... Oh)

I knew we were meant for each other,
Because we couldn't stop talking.
And we would even hold hands,
When we were both walking.
(Wal-lking... Oh)

You asked if you could come over,
For a little while.
I said alright okaay,
But you gotta keep that beautiful smile.
(Smile... Oh)

Do you believe in Love at first sight?
Or should I walk by you,
Another time tonight?
I wanna love you but there isn't anything I can do.
(I can do.. Oh)

Look at us now,
People even ask how.
Did we stay this way,
After such a long, stressful day?

Talkin like old friends,
Hoping our love never ends.
But we all know people get screwed over.
All because of love.
(Of love.. Love x4)

You look weird today,
Is there something on your mind bab-y?
You can tell me anything you need,
Please baby please tell me I plead.
(Plead... Oh)

You've been acting kind of weird,
Just tell me I can take it.
When I need you most you seem to disappear.
Why don't you tell me whats going on?
(Goin on... Oh)

Watching you walk away,
You told me what was on your mind.
I thought you were happy bab-y.
You shoulda told me how you felt.
(How you felt.. Oh)

You were waiting,
Hoping your feelings would change.
But they never did, never would, never could.
Now my hearts in firing range.
(Shoot it down.. Oh)

Look at us now,
People don't ask why.
You just broke my heart,
Knowing right from the start.

We used to be together,
In love forever.
It seemed.
Because Of Love.
(Of Love... Love x4)

Look at us now,
I think back and say wow.
How the hell did I even get with you?
Even I guess I can prove.
(I can prove... Prove)

Because Of Love,
You took my heart,
Threw it across the floor.
I knew right from the start,
That something wasn'tgonna work out right, for me.
Because of love,
I feel as if I should give up.
I feel like there is no hope in life anymore.
(No Hope... In life)

Because of Love..
I forget about Love.
Because of love.
I forget about us... (Fade out, with just piano finishing.)

Love was.. Dur.
But I know I have hurt many people because of love, it might be a small word, but it can change your life forever. That is why I wrote this song. Influenced by how I have hurt people. I am sorry to those I have hurt.
Kira Clark

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  1. hamm

    10/14/2009 @ 11:59pm

    its good lol