Traffic Jam

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Traffic Jam - By Kira Clark

This morning was to sucky,
Your all so damn lucky.
To not see me angry.

I was late for class.
I really hope I pass,
And not fail in maths.

My teacher kept me in,
I can't believe he committed that sin.
Just because I was late.

Thanks to the Traffic Jam.
Coz it's done all it can.
To make my day so crap.
So how about that?

I tell my teacher "Stuff You"
I got so many better things to do.
Like eat my lunch,
Talk to my friends.
And play some footy now!

He put me on detention,
But he wasn't paying attention,
When I snuck out of class.

Skipping classes is fun,
But you gotta hide, maybe run.
And if you get caught your in heaps of trouble.

Walking over to my friends,
And my uniform it blends in.
Sir doesn't notie me walk by.

Thanks to the Traffic Jam.
I say I did all I can,
Just to get to school on time.
I yell and scream damn damn damn.

I'm on my way home on the bus.
And everyone is hushed,
They know I'm angry about being late.
And this busdriver, I'm starting to hate.

The traffic jam slows everything down.
The traffic jam starts way downtown.
The traffic jam slows everything DOWN!

Being lateto school, even when catching the bus. But it is all because of TRAFFIC JAMS! Argh!
Kira Clark

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  1. samual96

    11/17/2009 @ 09:49pm

    i hate them lol

  2. XxXKizzaXxX

    11/17/2009 @ 10:08pm

    Lol I was just bored. :) I wrote it about... 10:00 pm. Holy crap. Lol