Don't say a word.

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Don't say a word. By Kira Clark,

We're in the crowd,
Tryna talk loud.
And you hear people say,
Don't bother anyway.
(Don't bother)

Try to make your way through,
You don't know what to do.
You don't know where you are,
You can't even find your car.
(Your car)

Lost in the crowd,
All the noise has got you down.
Just coz you are sad,
Don't make others feel so bad.
(Feel bad)

Don't say a word,
You won't be heard.
Don't even bother.
You voice will be smothered out.
So don't say a word.
(Not a word)

You say we need to talk,
You go as pale as chalk.
It must be bad.
But you don't look mad.
(Look mad)

For a while we can escape,
Instead of trying to retaliate.
Why don't we just be quiet,
Have a go, just try it.

Shut your lips just hush.
Don't be in such a rush.
Just try to relax,
Try to kick back.
(And relax)

Don't say a word,
It won't be heard.
Don't even bother,
Coz your voice will be smothered out.
So just don't say a word.
(Coz it won't be heard)

People always talk so loud. I never get a word in. So I just think screw this, and be quiet. People only listen when thy want to, and people don't want to listen often.
Kira Clark

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