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Hey Babe . By Kira Clark

I see your face,
And I think of someone else.
I wanna be in a different place,
Someone else's strong arms.

I hug you tight,
But think of someone else.
I know it ain't right,
I wanna be with that other girl.

Hey babe I feel us drifting away,
And in someone else's heart.
I wish, I wish to stay.
But I don't wanna hurt my baby.

I know we've been together nearly every single day,
But I can't keep living this lie.
I just can't bear to have to throw it all away.
I don't wanna tell you coz I'd rather die.

I know I've gotta tell her soon,
But I don't wanna break her heart.
But if I don't we will both be doomed.
So I gotta tell her.

Hey Babe I don't wanna break your heart,
But I gotta admit.
That right from the start,
I was lying, yea I lied.

Hey babe please forgive me one day,
I hope that friends,
Is what we stay.
I'm sorry but all good things end.

I just feel so.. I..
I don't know what to say...
You didn't tell me before, but why..?
Why did you spare my feelings.

I couldn't stand to see you hurt.
And this will never happen again.
I have made a choice, and learnt..
That fair heart never won lady.

We can be friends,
Until our lives end.
But we will never cross that line.
Never again, not one more time.

Thinking about all the honest and untruthful relationships I have ever had/been in. THEY ALL SUCKED> Why do all boys, LIE about their feelings...?
Kira Clark (No one else.. :) )

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  1. 11/14/2009 @ 06:00pm - (

    Because they suck hunnnie =]
    And which relationships are you talking abouut? i can think of two, but one was untruthful..
    hmm is untruthful a word? idk
    naaaw wells i cant be an english teacher then.

  2. XxXKizzaXxX

    11/14/2009 @ 08:51pm

    lol thanq xxx nd i dont really care if it aint a word. i just made one :)

  3. samual96

    11/17/2009 @ 09:52pm

    well u cant always get what u mean but anyway lol wow

  4. 7/4/2012 @ 10:39am - (

    its good but were it says 'i wish i wish to stay' at the begining you should get rid of one of the 'i wish's'