Christmas Eve

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Christmas Eve By Kira Clark

Can't I,
Just give up on life,
Stab myself in the heart,
With a very sharp knife?

My hearts not joking,
I'm in love,
But it really feels like,
My heart is choking.

Life is what Im losing,
I'm sick and tired,
Of choosing.
What is right,
What is wrong,
Can't my heart,
Just play along..?

For Me,
Just Leave,
Forget everything,
I have ever told you.
Please, just leave,
On Christmas Eve.

I know it doesn't seem right,
But baby, it ain't wrong.
Please just let it go, don't fight.
Coz baby I gotta go for a while,
Be someone I'm not,
But I'll always remember you,
And all the things you do,
Please don't forget me-e-e.

I'm in pa-ain,
But it ain't normal.
I ain't got no na-ame,
Doubt anyones ever felt like me before.

I'm sorry I've been acting like this,
Wish I could bend o-over,
And give you a kiss,
To reassure you.
(But I don't know what to do)

Life is what I'm losing.
I'm sick and tired,
Of choosing,
What is right,
WHat is wrong,
Can't my heart just play along..?

For me,
Just leave,
Forget everything,
That I have ever told you.
Please just leave,
For me..On Christmas Eve.

I'm the worst thing hat happened to you,
Don't lie, don't lie.
I know your tryna prove,
I'm good, I should stay.
(But I'm not, I'm NOT)

After a while.
It should be alright,
Put a smile on your dile,
I'm coming back tonight.

I'm sorry for leaving you,
There was nothing else to do,
To keep them safe from the truth.
I'm coming back to you.
On Christmas Eve,
(Eve, eve, eve)

Thinking about Christmas.
Also I have changed a lot. AndI have hurt so many people, I just want to step away. And see all the damage I have done. I have screwed up so many things.
Kira Clark

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  1. samual96

    11/17/2009 @ 09:54pm

    christmas tree ohh cristmas tree nanananananana lol