Lost In Love

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Lost In Love -By Kira Clark

Sitting down, trying not to cry,
I see your face, how hard it is but I will try.
Because you are my life now,
And I wonder so hard how,
Am I so confu-u-used by you...

And I know,
That you might like her,
But I love you,
And it is just starting to show,
I love everything you do,

You make me want to hear your voice,
Above all the meaning less noise,
And when you came along,
I felt your pull, so strong.
And I don't wanna let go now.

Because letting go,
Would be like giving up,
So I scream No no noo...
Because I see your face,
And I've lost my way,
I've lost all hope,
I don't know where to go,
Because I end up being,
Lost In Love.
With you.

Holding hands so tight,
Your scaring, what a fright.
Don't wanna let go, not tonight.
But I know,
That you gotta go, Away.

But I don't want you to leave,
I just got your love,
Without you I can hardly breathe.
Please stay with me.
For now, and forever.

Because looking in your eyes,
Is like looking into a mirror..
Everything I do is so much clearer.
I'm sorry, but I can't let go.
I can't handle you leaving me.

Because I am Lost...
In love..
With you.

My love life, it seems more like a lovegame to those of which that are in it. I hope it turns out right and my heart doesn't end up mangled again. It might just Kill me
Everyone who I have hurt and who have hurt me.

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  1. samual96

    11/17/2009 @ 09:55pm

    yeo true lol

  2. Fadel Han

    11/18/2012 @ 01:50pm

    I think I have a great melody for this song