Poppin Dat Party

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Poppin Dat Party, By Kira Clark


Yo, as I come to the club,
Boys all stare,
I know, I know,
I got perfect hair,
But only when its straightened.

So when I get to the party move along,
Coz the beat that I'm poppin is so long.
And when I break it down all in moves,
No one will be asleep or on snooze.

Im in Aus, then LA and then back in Aus,
You know how I am never doin any chores.
You can ask me what their names are,
But I dunno coz they are all dirty lil whores.

So we come in, come in and pop up that partyy,
Yeah yeah, poppin that party.
You know it aint really sta-arting,
Until we come in, come in and pop up dat party,
That is how you get a party goin,
Poppin up dat party.

You know wat I mean,
You know what I've seen.
You know where I've been.
I hope you believe.

Me and mah girls,
Cruisin our style,
Jump around block,
Go for a mile.

coz we poppin our style,
poppin ur party,
poppin for a mile.
You know no party,
Aint gonna start with out us,
The pop it, to pop tht party.

Rap/RnB Boredom.
Kira Clak.

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  1. XoxOCazzaOxoX

    8/23/2009 @ 12:41am

    KWL PPLZ!!!!!!!!!! NICE RAP!!!

  2. 8/25/2009 @ 02:18am - (


    kool song