Racing Track

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Racing Track, By Kira Clark, Thank you to Cary Gray for the title.

Falling In Love,
Every day,
Every night.

The one you love,
Is usually the one you hurt the most,
I'm waiting for you to wake up,
And realize,
You wanna look into my eyes,
Every day and night..

Love and life are like a racing track,
Go around, go around,
Now time to come back.
Because Love is like a racing track,
Life is like a racing track oh yeah!

I'm tryna' find myself in your deep eyes,
I finally find myself, oh what a surprise.
I just got out of, yeah out of, your beatuiful deep eyes.
And it was such a surprise.

Try to get through the day,
Without thinkin' of your face.

Life is like a racing track,
Go around, go around,
Now it's time to come back.
Oh it's time to come back,
Off the racing tra-ack.

My friend Cary, made up the title and wrote a song about it, I haven't heard it so I hope it isnt the same, but I loved the title and I wanted to make a song about it.
Kira Clark.
Cary Gray* (For title.)

*Sorry If Spelt Wrong.

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  1. XoxOCazzaOxoX

    5/1/2010 @ 06:59pm

    lol its all good!! XD xxxxxxxx oooooooooooo