Chase Your Dreams

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Chase Your Dreams, By Kira Clark.

One night when I was asleep,
I started to dre-a-am,
That I was famous.

It might be shallow,
But I'll still try,
To reach the sky!

Because someone I loved,
Once told me,
To always...

Chase your dreams,
No matter how hard it seems.
Keep on going,
Keep on pushing,
Just Chase Your Dreams!!!

Some people say I won't make it,
Some people say I will, but fake it.
Can't you believe?
Can't you just see it?

Even if your dream isn't in reach,
Keep tryin' to and you will not breach,
Any rules, of any kind.

Just Chase your dreams,
No matter how hard it seems,
Keep on going,
Keep on going,
and pushing....

Just Chase your dreams.X4

Dreaming dreams I would love to come true. I want to be a famous singer/songwriter when I am older I will try!
Kira Clark.

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  1. hamm

    8/13/2009 @ 10:25pm

    same kizza i've(hamish) always wanted 2 sing but more then that write songs LOL xxx

  2. 8/14/2009 @ 02:31am - (