Just Say Yes

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Just Say Yes, By Kira Clark.

I know that we had some bad times,
Hey hey,
Love and hate are very very fine lines.

I know that sometimes,
It didn't feel right,
Hey hey.

But baby,
Right now you seem kinda,

And I know that,
Things don't always go on,
But why can't we still cha-a-t?
Think about that.

And I know, know, know...
That I stole your love,
But it is just starting to show, show, show....

Plea-ase, baby,
Just Say Yes,
Yeah oh yeah,
Just say yes...

I know,
I broke your heart,
But right from the start,
I hoped we would work it out.

Oh Baby,
I miss ya callin my name,
My heart, I'm tryna' tame,
It isn't the same,
Without you.

So Bab-a-a-y,
Please say oka-a-a-y.
Please don't say no wa-a-y.
I need you in my life,
My heart is in strife.

I better get over you soon,
Or my heart will be so, so doomed.
I better get over you soon,
Or my heart will so, so doomed.

I can't get over you.

It is about a boy who I love but he loved me once, twice and three times, but we broke up and I still love him, I am pretty sure he hates me.
Kira Clark

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  1. hamm

    8/13/2009 @ 01:28am

    good song kizza commented by hamish xxx

  2. XoxOCazzaOxoX

    8/20/2009 @ 04:13am

    LOL! Although I feel sorry for you.......... =P