Under A Waterfall.

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Under a Waterfall. By Kira Clark.

Just lyin' there,
Starin' at the blue,
And then somehow,
Thinking of you.
I wonder how do you,
Always slip into my mind?

Then I realize,
Everythings alright,
Because your lyin' here with me,
And I just can't see,
Us two apa-art.

Coz' were lying under a waterfall,
Everythings alright,
I could stay for the night,
We are lyin' under the wa-ater fall.
Under the waterfall.

On my way to school,
Some boys call me over,
Tryna' look cool,
But I tell them,
That I belong to you,
And keep on going.

On and on I just keep on walking,
I can see everybody just talking,
But I don't hear them,
I see you.

Thinkin' of,

Lyin' Under a Waterfall,
Nothings wrong,
No,nothings wrong,
Just singing a song, about a waterfall.

Just tryna' sing a song,
If you try to sing along,
Think about,

Lyin' under a waterfall,
Everythings alright,
I'm stayin' the night,
We were just lyin' under that waterfall. x3

Lyin' under that waterfall,
just Lyin' under that waterfall,
Lyin, yeah just lyin' under that,
Wa-ater Fa-a-all.
Just lyin' under the Wa-at-ter Fa-a-all

Looking through my books and I thought of how nice it would be to just simply stand under a waterfall.
Kira Clark

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  1. XxXKizzaXxX

    7/30/2009 @ 11:52pm

    I like ths song, I just made it up then but I absolutly love it! Not bragging, just saying! Check out all my songs if you are seriousabout writing songs and singing.

  2. 8/2/2009 @ 12:47am - (

    it was awesome kizza

  3. 8/12/2009 @ 11:14pm - (

    it was kool commented by ham lol xxx

  4. XoxOCazzaOxoX

    8/21/2009 @ 01:27am

    Kwl song! haha! That would be nice! In summer, of course! lol!!! =P