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This Robin outside the open window. By 4am he is screaming, probably for a lover.
Scott Blackburn - Guitar, Keys, Harmonium
Agda Holmgeirr - Bass
Raed Siyam- Drums

The Story of Duster Knuckle

It is a dark and dusty night, and sitting in his underwear is a boy, an old boy who really likes making up songs, all the time. In his sleep he dreams of frog and sparrow orchestras just like the old cartoons deep within his memory. When he walks his gait keeps the measure, his head holds the score, and the world mostly dances along. In the mornings he skips the beat and trumpets the melody.

The songs of Duster Knuckle are just sketches, studies really, with all the instruments being caught on the first take, and the nascent melodies leaping more like frogs than flying like sparrows.

But one thing is certain, they are all half-odes to celebrations; celebrations somewhere, somehow, and for some why.

Duster Knuckle members, Scott Blackburn, Agda Holmgeirr, and Raed Siyam each played several instruments on these 3am recordings.

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    I like where this goes. It's catchy.

  3. LOTHT

    7/24/2009 @ 03:50pm

    This definitely has a running-off-the-rails sort of feel to it.