Sexy Little Boy (Forgiven Mix)

by Case Woo - View Profile

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130 BPM


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Original track released in 1991 by Daze in the album "C'mon Allison". Adrian Ho on vocals, Don Bosco Anthony on guitars and Case Woo on keyboards and drum machine.

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  1. A new song revision was uploaded.

    11/18/2008 @ 12:26pm
  2. A new song revision was uploaded.

    11/19/2008 @ 10:49am
  3. adrian ho

    5/22/2009 @ 08:17am - (

    Hi there
    dear friend
    its been more than 18 years since we last
    great to see you still rocking on...
    love the new version...
    guess you can never kill a great song....
    tell me how I can download the MP3....

    Adrian, Beijing, China

  4. 8/5/2009 @ 06:55pm - (

    hey all you looking for good songs well look at this website look at it :^)

  5. Alvin

    12/18/2009 @ 06:44pm - (

    Hi Case, great version! Would like to have this on MP3 to share with friends -- needs to be heard, esp by those who remember the song.. Possible? You can reach me at Thanks bro!

  6. 4/19/2010 @ 03:10am - (

    I was looking for this song because it was playing in my head and this is a great remix. How do i download this?

  7. Case Woo

    4/19/2010 @ 06:15pm

    This track is now downloadable. Cheers.